Social entrepreneurship, digital design + fabrication.


Lean Start-up Method, UX/UI Design, User Research
Summer 2013

Fresh AGM



Fresh AGM is a finance start-up that connects companies with their shareholders through online broadcasting and a secure voting system. As the designer on the team, I conducted user research, created and tested UI prototypes and low-fidelity mock-ups. I worked with a system architect, full stack developer, and securities market legal specialist to create the MVP.

I co-founded Fresh AGM during the European Innovation Academy, a four week lean start-up accelerator based in Tallinn, Estonia. 



1.       To understand our target audience, we interviewed the CFOs of publicly traded companies based in Tallinn, Estonia as well as fund managers at major banks.

We wanted to understand the following:

  • How is the client currently dealing with this task/problem?   
  • What solution/process are they using? What do they like or dislike about it?
  • Have they tried any other solutions/processes?
  • What do they wish they could do that currently isn’t possible or practical?
  • Who is involved with this solution/process?  How long does it take?
Some of the companies we interviewed

Some of the companies we interviewed

 2.      Develop personas and synthesized key findings from interviews.

  • Smart phones are a great solution for younger customers. Older customers, however, tend to have a steeper learning curve and may have difficulty seeing small text.
  • AGMs are typically catered towards majority shareholders, ignoring the needs of minority shareholders.
  • The average cost of an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is £5,000 a year.
  • Increasing accessibility would enhance corporate governance.

 3.      List and prioritize actions based on customer needs in order of importance.

Example of Issuers Needs

  • Deliver real-time audio and video feed
  • Shows all presentations and allows shareholders to directly engage the management
  • Easy and secure shareholder registration and identification
  • On- and off-site voting procedures
  • Instant calculation of the results
  • Intuitive user interface accessible over any device or OS
  • Post-AGM services
  • Technical support and system monitoring
  • Maximize the legitimacy of the AGM (raise shareholders representation up to 25%)

 4.      Create paper prototypes and use cases to test and measure how intuitive the design is, with focus on older users.

5.     Develop wireframes based on findings and collaborate with developers and users to refine.

One of the initial wireframes.

One of the initial wireframes.


Key lessons

This startup was my first exposure to UI design and graphic design. I managed to teach myself Adobe Illustrator and jumped head first into working with a diverse team. I realized the importance of User research and how it offers a glimpse into the life and perspective of someone else.

Our target demographic for this project was made up of extremely wealthy, primarily White, middle-aged investors- a demographic completely different from me and everyone on my team. Because of this difference, we had to continually user test and glean customer feedback to learn more about how our demographic viewed and interacted with this kind of technology. 

Interviewing and interacting with CEOs and CFOs taught me that it doesn’t matter what position or title a person has. No matter what, they’re still human and have experiences that I can learn from and relate to. And to me, that’s such a beautiful and inspiring thing.

Final Product

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