CXO @ Humanitas.ai | Social entrepreneurship, digital design + fabrication, fashion tech.


Hi, I'm Julia Solano.

I'm a designer. I studied Engineering + Architecture at UC Berkeley with certification in Human-Centered Design and Entrepreneurship and Technology.

I'm the co-founder and CXO of Humanitas.AI. In the past, I've done Marketing and Visual Design at Teak, UX Design Thinking at Workday, and worked as a Solar Fellow through Saha Global.

I'm a GenD Design Fellow for Andreessen Horowitz and a Social Entrepreneurship Fellow for the Hansen Summer Institute.

I like making cool stuff that helps people.

Outside of UX/Visual design, I enjoy making jewelry, volunteering (currently organizing a VR/AR event for TECH Fashion Week), riding my motorcycle, writing and teaching poetry, and welding tables / sewing dresses / cooking foods. Always down for adventures and/or tea, hit me up!