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Design Thinking, UX/UI Design
Summer 2014

ux Design thinking workday



As a Design Thinking Intern within Workday’s User Experience department, I created of design curriculum and ideation workshops, the redesign of information architecture of an internal design resource, to the researching, designing and testing of a feature. This case study focuses on the Design Thinking methods used in developing a new feature.




1.      Interview fellow students / co-workers and categorize the findings. We looked for :

  • Background information and demographic information
  • Each person's project and documentation process 
  • How each individual approached their target audiences
  • Their motivations

 2.      Label each interview finding as either a fact, opinion or guess, then identify key opportunity and pain points.

 3.      Use "targeting" to find which pain point, if fixed, would create the biggest "wow" factor.

 4.      Understand the target audience through problem statements and personas for each problem statement.

 5.      Brainstorm potential solutions and narrow to find the most desirable and engaging solutions.

 6.      Identify the biggest key players and brainstorm possible interactions between them.

 7.      Refine personas and develop key use cases to illustrate what actions and functionality must be present for the desired interaction.

 8.      Make UI paper prototype and test design with users, making new iterations based on feedback.


Example of final prototype



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